Taking it easy on a Saturday Morning (365:008)

Saturday is the only day of the week when we get a chance to have a lie-in.

Weekdays we have the kids and School run to deal with, and Sundays we have to be up to get Lanie to Church for 8.30am ready for choir at the nine O’clock service.

This is the way I tend to start every day; with my morning coffee, in bed, surrounded by one, two, three but never four kithehs. Weekdays the first alarm is around six-fifteen, is Katie up? At seven-thirty is Lanie up? Then it’s seven-forty-five and is Alek in the shower? a little later, has Lanie left for school?

Alek puts the coffee on, and this school year, Ginger is doing the morning school run, so at seven-twenty I get my coffee in bed and shortly afterwards Ginger and the big kids go off on the school run. Generally by eight Ginger’s back and we sit in bed, finishing our coffee and chatting about the day to come.

Saturdays, provided we’ve not got any other commitments we can have a nice relaxing start to the day. Today Lanie brought us breakfast in bed, so it was even more relaxed than usual. So relaxed that we didn’t surface until well after noon.

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