Studying again (365:258)


The second year of my EFM course starts tonight.

We’re working on the first lesson in advance. This week I had to listen to the text, which explains the earphones. I chose to read it too. I’m really looking forward to getting back to class again. Keeping up my tradition from last year, I realized I’d listened and read the wrong text – so I had to start over. In many ways it turned out quite helpful as it put the text I was supposed to be listening to into context.

Ginger had a meeting at church at the same time as my class, so we had a chance to see how the kids coped without us. Very well as it turned out.


Blue Kitteh will lay on anything. Whether it be a box, a book, a piece of paper or a laptop. I was dashing to get out when I saw her slumped on Ginger’s laptop on the bed. I only got a chance for a couple of quick pictures before some noise outside distracted her. Just as well, if I had spent a lot of time taking pictures we’d have been late getting to church.

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