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Something Spicy at Mama Jean’s (365:074)

Something Spicy at Mama Jean’s (365:074). Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

The black caterpillar thing must go.

I bought a seat belt protector for my messenger bag. The idea is to spread the load and stop the strap from sliding off my shoulder. Seeing it in this picture I think I’ll ask Ginger if she can make something a little more restrained and less conspicuous from it.

This morning I finished the business accounts and e-mailed them to the company secretary in the UK for checking. Hopefully everything is fine and I’ll be able to submit them this week in plenty of time.

After the school run Ginger and I dropped Katie off to work out at the gym while we went off and exercised my wallet in what I normally refer to as ‘Norma Jean’s’ the local grains, organic veggies and health food shop – their official moniker is ‘Mama Jean’s’ but I really can’t get on with the American ‘mama’ and ‘mom’ thing. The latter remains a word I can’t get my Brit lips around to the extent that when referring to Ginger with the kids, I resort to calling her ‘your mother’.

We must have bought at least 40lbs of various grains and dried fruits. The majority of which will go into our home made breakfast cereal, though some of it will be used for backpacking meals. Having virtually emptied the grain bins and my sneaking in a quick SP among the spices, we left Norma’s, collected Katie from the gym and finished our excursion out with shopping at Walmart.

I ought to mention that Carol gave us a dehydrator Sunday. It’s been going almost 24×7 ever since; drying out various foods to produce nutritious but light grub for our backpacks. This going to be so much better than lugging around tins or sachets of chicken and tuna.

Looking at this picture, and considering the only post-processing required was a tiny bit of brightening (my fault I’d left the EV set at -1/3) and a small amount of sharpening, I am once more impressed at how well (and frequently better) my little Fuji FinePix compares to my Nikon DSLR. The battery lasts a lot longer too – Which was why I didn’t have the Nikon with me. A single charge is currently lasting about 100 shots on the Nikon.

Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.