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Slideshow (365:111)

Slideshow by Gary Allman

Today I’ve been spring cleaning my PC.

Yesterday I discovered I didn’t have enough free disk space to defrag my hard drive. Today I decided to purge my old photo’ files. It was a bit traumatic and emotionally unsettling going through the pictures, some over forty years old. Having recovered over 20 Gigabytes of disk space, I decided that while I was in a bit of an emotional mess I’d get the projector out and look at some of my slides.

Setting it up was a trial, the screen we have is rather high, so boxes and things were needed to get the projector high enough. The projector also has to be operated by hand because the little rubber belt inside that provides the motive power to remotely change the slides has perished.

We persevered and got it all sorted out. I had a great time going through pictures I’ve probably not looked at in at least ten years, and certainly not since I’ve moved to the US. It was good to be able to share some of the pictures with Ginger and give her a glimpse of my previous life. All in all it was a good night, and I can’t wait to look at the rest of them.

The slides are starting to fade so I need to scan them all, and quite soon. That is going to be a huge job.

Today’s alternate & extra shots

Discussing the slides
Cloud formation
Curious clouds seen on this afternoon’s school run

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