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September 2011

Another month spent almost entirely chained to the computer working late into the night. We did manage to get out for one short hike, so that’s better than nothing. I started the second year of my EFM course – which is a fantastic help in keeping me sane. We also saw the Symphony orchestra (thanks John & Marsha), I renewed my driving license, which surprisingly now doesn’t expire until 2018, and I helped some friends with logging some timber.

Next month is extremely full already – I’m planning to go on a short backpacking trip and spend a week in Chicago. Ginger is also spending a week in Chicago so I’ve a week alone with the kids to look forward to. Some fishing and time in the kayak might be nice.

1. Just me – reprise, 2. More of the same, 3. Sitting at the kitchen table chatting with Ginger, 4. I was going to use a picture of me facing right for a change. But I like this one more., 5. Gary, Lanie and Ginger (hiding at the back) too, 6. 2011 Day 249, 7. Gary at the computer, 8. Tedious, 9. Gary in the backyard, 10. No wall, 11. This evening I was momentarily stumped as to where to begin, 12. Staring into space, 13. Working late, 14. Day 257, 15. Studying again, 16. Warmth, 17. On the way home from the symphony, 18. This is what results when one accidentally presses the shutter while struggling to get the camera into position, 19. I have a bolt stuck in my tyre, 20. 2am, 21. Double take, 22. Thursday evening, 23. Gary’s a lumberjack for the day, 24. Saturday September 24., 25. I eat toast and marmalade while Mr. Getzger Cat exits frame right., 26. I have a new driving license, 27. Quick shot in the hall mirror, 28. At the computer, 29. Day 272, 30. Whoosh!

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