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Reconnoiter (365:096)


In ten days time, I’ve got to do a photo shoot.

This afternoon Ginger and I spent some time on location checking the light and looking for suitable picture opportunities. What happens will all depend on the weather on the day; I had already built a lighting rig with this shoot in mind, but I won’t need it as we’ve managed to find some locations that I can light fully with the dreaded flash gun. We carefully picked places for the availability of surfaces for bouncing the flash, which the test shots have shown to give some very nice even results. Which is just as well as the available lighting is truly awful. Even so, I’ll have to use black and white for a lot of the pictures as some areas are lit with sodium lights. Trying to get a decent color image from those with a mix of daylight from adjacent windows isn’t easy. Just before we left I took a quick self-portrait. Check out the sodium lighting in the background of the color alternate shot. 

I spent some time today working on my MK-II and III wood burners, and we finally have a burner that will bring a liter of water (around a US quart) to the boil in fifteen minutes from lighting the fire. More tinkering and tests are needed, especially as I realized tonight that I’ve been setting it up incorrectly. Still, tin cans are in plentiful supply so I can make and test several burner inserts.

The evening was spent at the church Lent soup supper, followed by youth group for the kids, a class for me and general chit-chat for Ginger. Once home I processed my pictures for the past couple of days.   

Today’s alternate shot

Reconnoitre (2)
Check out the sodium lighting in the background of the shot.

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