Playing with lighting (365:276)

Playing with lighting

It would have been an okay picture if the camera hadn’t focused on my ear.

Oh well, it’s the only picture I’ve got. Today Ginger left myself and Getzger in charge while she’s away on a trip to Chicago with our friend Rebbie. I get my chance to go to Chicago in a couple of weeks time. I spent my day at the computer, and by early evening I couldn’t see a thing. Last Thusday after just eight hours in front of the computer I couldn’t read a license plate at 15-20 feet. Not good. I guess it really is time for new glasses, I’ve only been putting off getting a pair for four or five years.

As I couldn’t see anything on the computer screen I thought I’d spend a little bit of time on today’s picture, so I lit the wall separately with a snoot. Unfortunately my eyes weren’t good enough to chimp the resulting picture or maybe I’d have got one that was in focus, which brings us back to where I started today’s post.

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  1. Snoot – I’d not come across that word before. Interesting.
    Separately – ‘just’ eight hours looking at the screen? it is easy to get too involved in what you are doing on screen that you are not aware that you have hardly blinked for hours.

    1. Snoot’s one of those wonderful sounding words that somehow manages to sound just like the object it describes.

      You’re right about the time in front of a monitor – I try and glance out of the window regularly. Focusing is my main problem, but I’m sure you’re right about the blinking. I’m going to become a compulsive blinker for the next few days after reading your advice. 🙂