March 16, 2011.Petting Sprinky (365:075)

Petting Sprinky (365:075)

Petting Sprinky (365:075) Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

Today was a little frustrating.

I got my feedback on the business accounts, just a couple of simple changes to make, and then they’ll be ready to submit. That was the theory. The practice was different. Six hours later I was still struggling with the accounts software, unable to bend it to my will. I had trouble keeping track of all the different ways I tried to get the accounts package to do what it is supposed to do, and after each failed attempt I reloaded a back-up and started again.

Checking on the Internet I discovered I wasn’t alone in hitting this problem, though the solutions offered were perfunctory and used unfathomable accounting jargon that was way beyond my ken. Finally the year end figures are correct in the accounting software, though I had to resort to spreadsheets to make the changes to the figures for the submitted accounts.

Once I’d finished and sent off the amended documents for a final check back in the UK we settled down for a glass of wine, conversation, and cat petting, which is where today’s picture comes in.

Sprinky, featured in today’s picture, is one of our two Maine Coons, while a very scaredy cat she is also very friendly. Often too friendly, asking me to pet her while I’m busy with other things. Most mornings she comes and says hello before settling down to sleep the morning away at the foot of the bed.

Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.


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