When the telephone rings before six am you know the day is destined to have its challenges. Despite the weather behaving exactly as predicted by the NOAA, Springfield Public Schools decided to declare a snow day. Hence the early morning call. This meant we had the kids underfoot all day, not that they’re that bad. …

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Waiting for the kids by Gary Allman

Waiting for the kids (365:019) – What’s the point of taking safety shots if I don’t use them? One-minute read

Putting my washing away by Gary Allman

True Brits wear plaid (365:018) Putting away my washing.

Gary and CD (365:017) – Today we went to Ginger’s parents to pick up Lanie. 7 pictures

Gary and Ginger at Compton Hollow by Gary Allman

Gary and Ginger at Compton Hollow (365:016) – Today we got off to a slow start. 3 pictures

Gary at Bass Pro by Gary Allman

The owl over my shoulder (365:015) – Resides at Bass Pro. The women folk were off baby showering today. One-minute read, 4 pictures

Gary and Ginger relax at the end of the day by Gary Allman

Gary and Ginger relax at the end of the day (365:014). One-minute read

There was a time when I would have scoffed at the concept of a drive through ATM. But no longer. It’s much warmer, faster, easier and safer than standing on a wet and windy street corner. Today’s picture was going to be of me at the drive through cash machine, but I didn’t like the …

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Lesson 15 by Gary Allman

Today the plan was to get my homework and some other things done. We started the day with temperatures of 2°F (-16.6°C). As I’m not the one doing the early morning school run, I was able to stay nice and snug and warm. Though I passed on the option of staying in bed and got …

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Watching the snow and world go by

Today I got finally got something done. As my errant customer has finally paid me some money, I worked today. Basic website maintenance. It’s not making use of my executive skills, but if someone wants to pay me to do it, that’s fine by me. I like getting my hands dirty every now and then, …

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My major achievement of the day by Gary Allman

Today was a day for getting things done. I however took a different approach and chose to sit around doing nothing instead. Well almost nothing. I trimmed my beard if that counts as an achievement. I took a shower. I even changed the batteries in the remote temperature sender for the weather station, and I, …

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Choral evensong by Gary Allman

Choral evensong (365:009) – Somehow I managed to miss my Sunday afternoon nap. Two-minute read

Taking it easy on a Saturday Morning (365:008)

After the school run (365: 7) – I was supposed to be working today. However, that was only on the condition I was paid in advance (this particular customer owes me a lot of money). No money came so I busied myself with other much more interesting things… Two-minute read, 2 pictures

Lesson remembered by Gary Allman

Lesson remembered (365:006) – Today I’ve been reminded of a valuable lesson I’d forgotten. Take a safety shot. One-minute read

Coursework by Gary Allman

Coursework (365:005) – I’ve two lots of coursework to do before tomorrow evening’s class.

Recycling (365:004) – It’s been a quiet day in Springfield. One-minute read

A quiet place by Gary Allman

A quiet place (365:003) – Five people (and four cats) are a lot to fit into our small house. One-minute read

Gary and Ginger on the trail at Valley Water Mill Pond by Gary Allman

Gary and Ginger on the trail at Valley Water Mill Pond (365:002) – About time for a short hike.

New year's day by Gary Allman

New year’s day (365:001) – We’d better get used to this scene, as this is where I get to spend most of my time; at the computer. One-minute read

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