Year: 2011

Sometimes one pair of glasses just isn't enough. By Gary Allman

Sometimes one pair of glasses just isn’t enough. (365:038) – Not an easy task for the optically challenged. One-minute read, 2 pictures

After the Super Bowl (365:037) – Well, I tried to get excited about the Super Bowl but failed quite happily. Supper Bowl Sunday might be more appropriate as I scoffed huge quantities of unhealthy things while watching the endless adverts interspersed by a load of fat blokes assisted by a couple of skinny blokes chasing a rugby ball around a field. One-minute read

Gary and Ginger on a snowy Sac River Trail (365:036) – No Interwebs today. To keep busy I cleared the drive of last night’s couple of inches of snow, and we decided to enjoy the sunshine, brave the snow cover and go for a short hike on the Sac River Trail. The hike was fine, proving our gear is up to a winter hike, getting to the trail and away again was not so good. One-minute read, 4 pictures

At the Antique Mall by Gary Allman

At the Antique Mall (365:035) – Today we managed to escape the kids for the first time in three days. Two-minute read, +4

One door closes as another opens by Gary

One door opens as another closes (365:034) – I’ve just received news of a death in the family back in the UK, and This morning we went to the hospital to see the latest addition to our family, Natalie Anne, born yesterday evening to Betsy and Matt. Just as one life ends another has begun.

There’s an icicle in my beard (365:033) – It was a tad cold this morning. Well I consider 6°F (-14 °C) a tad chilly, but the sun was shining and there was nothing for it but to shift the foot of snow off of the path, drive and clear a way across the deck. I had help with the drive as Alek assisted me once he’d cleared a path for Diane next door. One-minute read, 4 pictures

Snow day by Gary Allman

Snow day (365:032) – This bad weather’s been on the cards for a while. 4 pictures

It’s been a good month, and despite it being the middle of winter we’ve been quite busy. We’ve been hiking four times, and out in the kayaks twice. We’ve visited St Louis, Thornfield and Carthage. I photographed my hands three times, posted thirteen black and white pictures, four pictures have one or more cats in …

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…is that the only way I can see anything close up is to tilt my head way back. It’s the quiet before the storm. We are waiting for a predicted 12″-20″ of snow. We’ll see, knowing the weather around here it could be 1″ or 20″. In the meantime I’ve just put the new annual …

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Quiet Sunday by Gary Allman

We had a quiet day today, venturing out just twice. Once for breakfast and to get in supplies as it’s possible a big snow / ice storm may be headed our way, and second to go pick up the kids from the Church when they got back from the Bishop’s Ball.I decided to get my …

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Kayaking on James River, Springfield Missouri by Gary Allman

Kayaking on James River, Springfield Missouri – Today was a busy day. Two-minute read, 7 pictures

Black and white photograph of Gary Allman using a nail gun to rpair a kitchen drawer.

Repairing a kitchen drawer – Today I repaired a kitchen drawer and in the process learned two valuable safety lessons.

Drilling in the workshop (365: 28) – Today I spent some time in the workshop. 3 pictures

Halfway up the first hill - Busiek State Forest & Wildlife Area by Gary Allman

Halfway up the first hill – Busiek State Forest & Wildlife Area (365:27) – Tomorrow I’ll ache. One-minute read, 4 pictures

Lesson 17: Numbers by Gary Allman

Lesson 17: Numbers (365:26) – Wednesdays are kids taxiing days. One-minute read

Tidying away by Gary Allman

Tidying away (365: 25) 3 pictures

Cats, coffee and laptops in bed by Gary Allman

Cats, coffee and laptops in bed (365:024) – A little peek into our morning customs. Cats, coffee, and Internet in bed. One-minute read, 3 pictures

Just before bed by Gary Allman

Just before bed (365:023) – Not a lot happened today. Alarm at seven, Church, Sunday School, Naptime, Star Wars Episode 1, Internets, hiking plans and bed.

Kayaking in the ice on Lake Springfield – It’s Saturday so we must be kayaking. It’s amazing how quickly the weekend and our Saturday lie-in comes around each week. One-minute read, 5 pictures

Checking the tires by Gary Allman

Checking the tyres (365:021). One-minute read

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