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On the beach near West Kilbride (365:178)


UK June 2011 – Day 13. Today we had a longish drive,

by UK standards anyway. Birmingham to Cumbernauld (North East of Glasgow). It looked like we’d arrive at Glasgow just as the commuter traffic got heavy so we detoured to Kilmarnock and the west coast for a bit of scenery while everybody drove home.

I’ve not been on this road in over ten years, it was nice to see the sea and the islands again. We are staying with my uncle for a day or so. It should be good to catch up. He’s not met Ginger, and the last time I saw him was on a business trip to Paisley back in 2008.

Today’s alternate shot & extras

The beach near West Kilbride
The beach near West Kilbride – It was nice to feel sand underfoot
Looking towards the islands
Looking towards the islands

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  1. Me too. We live just about as far from a beach as you can in the US. However, the lakes and creeks here are an excellent substitute.