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Oil lamp reflection (365:020)


When the telephone rings before six am you know the day is destined to have its challenges.

Despite the weather behaving exactly as predicted by the NOAA, Springfield Public Schools decided to declare a snow day. Hence the early morning call. This meant we had the kids underfoot all day, not that they’re that bad. Alek cleared the snow from our driveway and a bit of our neighbour’s. The girls kept fairly much to themselves; after some initial arguing about who was going to use the computer for how long and when that is. There was about three inches of snow and it was the very fluffy kind that makes great snowballs, is easily moved, and is fine for driving through if the appropriate care is exercised. 

I finished my coursework just in time to be told that tonight’s class had been canceled, which left me a bit listless as I look forward to my classes. It seemed most of the population of Springfield was cowering inside away from the snow so we took off in the afternoon to drop Katie at the mall, and take Lanie shoe shopping. I sat around and I took my pictures while Ginger and Lanie did their shopping.

Once back home, I took the obligatory picture of the house in the snow and then wandered round the backyard looking for pictures to take. All I got was cold. Though I did mange to grab the above picture of me reflected in the globe of a blue glass oil lamp.

Hopefully tomorrow the kids will be going back to school. Katie asked me ‘would you cry?’ if they had another snow day. To be sure it’d probably bring tears to my eyes.

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