Apr 19, 2011Lunch break and ‘phone call – day hike at Busiek (365:109)

Ginger wanted to see the Dogwoods in bloom.

Today we went on a short, three mile hike on the silver trail at Busiek. About half way round we stopped for lunch at a small creek and I decided to try out my new light weight hiking tripod. The tripod has a clever design where one of the legs has a ‘V’ profile which combined with a Velcro strap allows the camera to be strapped to a post, pole, or as in this case an overhanging branch. It was a bit brave for a first test, with the Nikon left dangling over the creek, but it worked fine.

In the midst of setting the shot up I got a call from the UK, which amused us both, knowing that Stephen (the caller) had no idea that we were in the middle of a hike. Busiek is dissected by Highway 65 with cell ‘phone towers on top of the surrounding hills, so getting a signal here isn’t a problem.

After the hike we popped into a flea market in Ozark, hoping to find a suitable saucepan for the wood burner. Unfortunately we couldn’t find anything. Maybe another trip to Bass Pro, or a tour of the local flea markets is called for.

After picking up the kids from school I filled the van with gas – $62! This is getting silly.

Today’s alternate shot & extras

Lunch break and 'phone call - day hike at Busiek
Ultra-pod tripod in use with a Nikon D40X
Ultra-pod tripod in use with a Nikon D40X
Ultra-pod tripod in use with a Nikon D40X
Ginger and the Dogwoods
Lightning Tree

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