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Laying down in my kayak isn’t too difficult (365:103)

Laying down in my kayak isn’t too difficult (365:103). Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

On the other hand, getting up again is quite a struggle.

With the long open cockpit at least I can lay down and enjoy the sunshine, something I couldn’t do in a closed cockpit design. Not that it makes for a particularly good (or flattering) picture, but it sums up our day on Fellows lake quite nicely. In fact, thinking about it, this picture probably represents an all time low in this year’s 365. However, it is the only picture I’ve got for today.

We loaded up the kayaks before the school run, dropped the big kids off at school, grabbed an egg McMuffin, and were out on the lake by eight-thirty. Our plan, duly exercised, was to take advantage of the lake being relatively full and embark upon a ‘furthest South’ expedition. We managed to get a fair way up a small creek that feeds into south running arm of Fellows, far enough to be able to see traffic on the road that runs to the south of the lake. We had to do the water-based equivalent of bushwhacking to get out. In the process, I found a snagged lure, which is small recompense for the two I’ve lost over the past couple of days.

While fishing I was surprised when my cell ‘phone started ringing, this was totally unexpected, (a) because I was convinced I’d left it at home and (b) because it was sealed inside the ammo box. Obviously my ammo box while metal, doesn’t make for a very good Faraday Cage.

The fishing wasn’t a success, it seems that like the fish in Stockton yesterday, the fish here have turned vegetarian too. Unlike Stockton though, at least there were fish to be seen, even if they didn’t like the looks of all the various lures I threw at them. I finally gave up on the fishing and we spent the rest of our time at the lake paddling around and just sitting drifting on the wind in the sunshine.

Being a Wednesday in the evening we took the kids to church for Youth Group, and I attended the last of the Lent classes while Ginger joined the Moms’ Group.

The bad news from the guys at church was that my EFM classmate John who was taken into hospital on Sunday has had his diagnosis of cancer confirmed. Not good. It made me count the blessings of my day and my life, in general, all the more.    

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Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.