July 2011

This month we finished our vacation in the UK. I met with an old school friend I’d not seen in nearly forty years, I took Ginger to a sleepy seaside town I’d last visited on holiday with my Grandparents some time in the sixties, spent a day on the beach in Portsmouth, and said our goodbyes to our family in the UK.

Then it was back to earth with a bump; processing pictures, and hiding from the 100°F temps that prevailed in the Midwest.

1. Gary and Ginger at the end of the hike, 2. Hiding from the midges, 3. Gary and Ginger looking out over Gruinard Bay, 4. Enjoying the scenery by Loch Bad a’Ghaill, 5. Gary and Ginger in the tent camped beside Loch Rannoch, 6. Chinese restaurant Berwick-Upon-Tweed, 7. A photograph in which I appear to have a foot protruding from the back of my head. The foot does not belong to me., 8. A full day’s driving, a walk on the beach, beer and fish and chips take their toll, 9. Gary and Ginger on the beach at Hunstanton, 10. Gary, late at night sitting on the kitchen floor, 11. Keith and Gary, 12. Photo-lethargy strikes yet again, 13. Oh dear!, 14. Ginger and Gary on the beach, 15. On the flight from Dallas Fort Worth to Springfield, 16. Half cut – again., 17. It’s that wall again…, 18. Working late at the computer, 19. Processing, 20. And yet more picture processing, 21. Thursday evening service, 22. Day 203, 23. Wine and TV, 24. Day 205, 25. Gary takes a break from other duties to repair the washing machine, 26. Popcorn, 27. Phew! What a scorcher, 28. Reading before bed, 29. Gary, Sprinky and Inspector Morse, 30. Gary and Ginger at Emily and Larry’s Wedding reception, 31. Hello wall

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