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I’ve found another wall (365:062)


It’s amazing how quickly I forget what we did on any given day.

Which is all the more reason to keep up this photographic record going. We definitely went to WalMart, because I have pictures. Much to Ginger’s disgust I started trying to take an SP in what she subsequently described as ‘the busiest aisle in the store.’ On chimping the pics I knew there was something wrong (I’d forgotten to reset the focus point) and they all looked blurry. As it turned out one was fine, though Ginger was obviously not pleased, so much so I finished up cropping her out. Had I known, that picture would have done for the day. 

I just remembered! I spent most of the afternoon studying, and in the evening attended my class. I really shouldn’t have forgotten that, as class was excellent as usual.

Thinking I hadn’t got a picture I set about finding another place for last minute portraits, and found a spot complete with blanket box.

Blanket boxes featured in quite a few of my first 365 project and other pictures. You can stand on them, sit on them, lay on and over them in various states of dress and undress; including wearing a dress. One of my ‘Blanket box’ pictures ended up as a pencil drawing. I was given a copy of that picture, which I must get framed, by my friends for a leaving present when I left the UK. I’d love to see the kids’ faces if we were ever to put it up in the front room. As this project is a daily record rather than an attempt at producing creative pictures I don’t think we’ll be seeing any blanket box used in quite the same way during this project.

Anyway, I took today’s picture sitting on a blanket box in the hall.

Tonight we watched Salt a reasonable action romp. Shame I worked out the plot about a quarter of the way in.

Today’s alternate shots

Gary shopping in Walmart
Gary shopping in Walmart
I've found another wall
I rather liked this one.

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