Incense, wine, and conversation (365:274)

Incense, wine and conversation

Today was a bit of a mad day.

We were out taking pictures in the morning and out again in the afternoon. Then we did what all good Episcopalians should do for a Church social meeting – went on a brewery tour followed by an evening in a pub.

Yes, I said pub and not bar. There is one in Springfield. I tested the ‘bangers and mash’ not bad, but not enough onions in the gravy for my liking and more butter in the mash would have been perfect. Ginger drank some Old Speckled Hen. Jim (Ginger’s dad) joined us for the brewery tour – he was in town for a car show, and the girls helped out back at church with the babysitting. Alek was at work, so everyone was busy!

Come the end of the day I wanted to relax with some wine (I’d not had a drink earlier) and some nice incense. The only problem is I’ve got to be at church at 6 am tomorrow as I’m helping prepare breakfasts for the three services, then we have the blessing of the animals and Getzger’s annual outing in the afternoon.

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    1. Ginger went back for more at least twice – she liked it! And that was on top of a small beer tasting at the brewery, not to mention some wine when we got home, so It would be difficult to point the finger at the OSH had she felt under the weather!