Happy Gary enjoying a blog-day (365:039)

Happy Gary enjoying a blog-day by Gary Allman
Happy Gary enjoying a blog-day

Today I got blogged down.

I have a few outstanding tasks I could have been working on but I decided to work on my blogs instead. I want to clear the outstanding work and bring them up to date if possible. I’ve been slowly going back through my photoblog uploading better versions of the pictures, I’m also putting these self-portraits into a 365 Days blog too. It all takes time as I’m careful to ensure all the details are right. The tags have to be correct, if a picture is not taken at home it is geotagged. The layouts all match, and the text, well. let’s just say I struggle a lot with the text. I know I’m an imperfect perfectionist – otherwise, I’d never get a picture taken. But then I wonder, how much time could I save if I wasn’t so particular in ensuring all the links are correct and the layout is right? I will never know, because if I did cut corners, I’d be very disappointed with the result.

I grabbed today’s picture while sitting at the keyboard adding posts to my 365 Days blog.

Note: Links updated October 2014 (and again in September 2019) as the old WordPress blogs have been superseded by a self-hosted blog.   

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