December 29, 2011.Gary and Tubby (365:363)

Gary and Tubby (365:363)

Photograph of Gary Allman and Tubby - a Burmese cat.
Gary and Tubby (365:363). Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

I was taking some family portraits and I forgot to include myself, so here I am with Tubby.

Ginger’s parents, her brother Sam and family came visiting today. I was (albeit reluctantly) persuaded to take some family photos, and once again I’m glad that I did. I’ll post a couple of sneak previews now – but I have a whole 30 minute session’s worth to go through selecting and processing the ‘keepers’.We used the kitchen as a makeshift studio, it’s not really big enough, especially when I’m using the ‘nifty fifty’ lens, but we managed fine.

When I’d finished taking the pictures  I realized I’d not taken my 365 days picture, so I swept up the nearest cat – who happened to be Tubbster, and quickly rattled off a couple of shots. I should have swapped the backdrop over to black which better suits my skin tones, but I was working quickly to get my picture out of the way so I could continue with the family festivities.

As planned Lanie left with our visitors – so tomorrow we’ll be backpacking.

Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.


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