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Gary and Loyal at Christ Episcopal Church (365:107)

Gary and Loyal at Christ Episcopal Church by Gary Allman

Another long day at church.

Amazingly there was no sign of a hangover after all the Jack Daniels and Coke I managed to consume last night, which was just as well, as it was a big day at church today, with the new bishop visiting, Palm Sunday, and confirmations.

Alek and Lanie helped with the reading at the nine a.m. service, and then all the family except for yours truly was stood down for a well-earned rest. I stayed for the eleven O’clock service to sponsor Loyal in his confirmation. Today’s picture was a quick Arm’s length self-portrait with Loyal after the service. I should have anticipated that he was going to wear uniform, so I was a rather shabbily dressed sponsor with no tie and wearing flip-flops. At least it was my ‘dress’ flip-flops.

I also cheated on this picture – which is a composite of two images, I hope you can’t see the join. Loyal’s pose in the this shot was great, but mine was marred by a huge reflection in one of the lenses of my glasses. I was going to try cloning it out, but I noticed I’d hardly moved between the two shots I’d taken, so I was able to composite my face back into this shot. Oh the wonders of Photoshop.

I spent a lazy afternoon, the highlight of which was testing my latest wood-burning stove for the first time. Initial results are promising, though I’m having a bit of trouble getting it to start evenly. An adjustment to the air jets (that is sticking in a screwdriver in the holes and bending them) helped the wood gas burn, and I got around thirty minutes of burn time from one load. The burner might benefit from larger air intake holes. More experimentation is required.

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