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Gary and Ginger’s Christmas present (356:360)


Today we went Boxing day shopping.

And we bought this nifty hand-held GPS receiver as a joint present for us both. One of the problems with GPS is buying the maps which cost more than the receivers – this unit allows you to create and load your own using Google Earth – which is brilliant as we have a subscription to a topographic map service – so we can download any map we need.

To test it I loaded a map for Busiek State Park taken from the online brochure – I thought it came out rather well.

This was a considered purchase; as we have ideas to make it earn its keep. I’ll also be able to more quickly and accurately geotag my photographs.


2023 – standalone GPS devices are so … 2011. Most modern smartphones have excellent GPS facilities built in, which combined with a decent GPS App work much better than the dedicated units. I use and recommend Gaia GPS, which I have on my Samsung Galaxy phone.

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