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Gary and Ginger watch the running commentary on the Royal Wedding on Facebook (365:119)

And it was absolutely hilarious.

We both had tears of laughter streaming down our faces at one point. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pro-monarchy. I think the monarchy does a great job of marketing Great Britain plc, encourages tourism and there’s something to be said for maintaining tradition; no surprises I’m an Episcopalian then. What I do object to is the rabid hype, hysteria, tackiness and pure bad taste events such as royal weddings seem to encourage.

Several people I know here (Springfield, Missouri) got up at the crack of dawn to watch drool over the events back in Blighty. They seemed much more interested in the event than the few ex-pats I know around the world.

We spent some time exchanging irreverent and ribald facebook comments on the wedding. Comments of note included: “Why is no one in work today…” – my brother. “Today is a good day to travel” – a friend who is popping over to France, and pictures of another contact in her own wedding dress waving a couple of union jacks semaphore style while her bemused hubby ignores her and reads the newspaper. Should any of them stumble upon this rambling; you all know who you are. One of my sons claimed he was playing Mario on the SNES and posted “If he wasn’t getting married today, this is definitely what William would’ve been doing.” the other has just posted “I think that Sky Sports played a blinder today… Premier League Years versus the Royal Wedding. Only ever going to be one winner.” and then there was a whole string of comments about the frock which were so funny and inappropriate I won’t repeat any of them here or they won’t let me back in the UK ever again.

It was about then that my bright idea for today’s picture came to me. So today you see Ginger and I sitting in bed with our respective laptops, laughing ourselves silly.   

Today’s alternate shot

Royal wedding watching on Facebook
Royal wedding watching on Facebook. It must have been the mention of a gratuitous nipple that did it

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