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Gary and Ginger on a run ashore (365:098)


Today we went kayaking on Fellows lake.

There’s an annual fee to use Fellows lake. Last year it was $25 per boat – regardless of the type so our little kayaks cost as much to register as a motor boat. This year the fee’s gone up to $35 per boat, so we’re in the process of deciding if we want to renew. Our registration runs out on the fifteenth so we decided to get some use from the last few days on the current registration.We explored a small winding inlet of the lake, one of just a couple of places we haven’t visited yet. I took this picture of us when we stopped to explore a picnic pavilion at the entrance to the inlet.

In the course of the day we saw a very pretty bird, a Prothonotary Warbler, a few turtles, a deer and a couple of fish, but none on the end of my line. I did try fishing for a little while, but like everyone else we saw I didn’t have any luck.

Today’s alternate shots & extras

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