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Gary and Ginger at the Tate Modern (365:172)


UK June 2011 – Day 7. A day out in London

We took the train to London and spent most of the day looking around the Tate Modern, which is where I took today’s picture.

By the time we’d finished at the Tate Modern, it was too late to do much else. So we walked all along the South Bank – watching Tower bridge be raised three times. I’ve never seen it raised that often before, and I used to work just around the corner!

We had a stroll around the outside of the Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, and ended up in Trafalgar Square. Ginger was unimpressed by the usual tourist haunts, such as the Globe Theatre. So much so we decided not to bother returning, which was a shame as I rather fancied seeing the Tate Gallery and Natural History Museum, not to mention the inside of St Paul’s. Also, I’ve never been to Greenwich Maritime Museum, which I really want to see one day. Ginger missed out on Kew gardens so there’s plenty left over for another trip.    

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