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Gary and CD (365:017)

Gary and CD

Today we went to Ginger’s parents to pick up Lanie.

Taking advantage of the four day weekend, Lanie has been spending a couple of nights with her grandparents. Today we drove the 150 mile round trip to bring her back home. I stopped briefly on the slab bridge over the creek to take a self portrait, and I also took a picture of the creek. The creek’s changed a lot since we were last here as some work’s been done to reinforce the bridge supports and the creek bed has been cleared too. Presumably in an attempt to stop the bridge getting washed out every time it rains hard. 

We came prepared to hike the hill behind Ginger’s parents place. In all the times I’ve visited I’ve never ventured much further from the house than the creek. While I sat in the back of of the van pulling my walking shoes on CD (Carol’s Dog) came up to say hello in a very enthusiastic and doggy like manner. Luckily I had my bag and camera with me and I managed to grab this picture. Once I was properly shod Ginger, Lanie, CD and I went up the hill and explored. It was very good to see for myself the places that until now had only been a part of the stories of Ginger’s childhood.

After the hike I enjoyed a beer, conversation and chili with Jim while Ginger did computery things with Carol.

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