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Fishing (365:101)


Today I went fishing with Tom on Table Rock Lake.

Tom took me out on his boat fishing today, and just for a change, I out-fished him, five fish to four. We put in at Cape Fair (which I prefer to call Cape Fear) and had a very good, sunny and windy day on the lake. Today’s picture is what you get if you try and take a self-portrait while being driven at fifty-odd miles per hour across a windy lake. I took a video while we were going back and I’ve included it below.

Later in the day I managed to lose my ‘lucky Lure’ – any lure that catches a fish counts as lucky in my book, but one that manages five is extra lucky. In the evening I went down to Bass Pro with Lanie and bought a replacement. I have high hopes for tomorrow when Tom and I are going out fishing again.

Today’s alternate shot & extras



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