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February summary

February summary by Gary Allman
It’s been a mixed month; it started with a death and a birth, which just goes to show that life goes on.

For some reason we’ve not had much opportunity to get out and about this month; we visited some flea markets, went for a hike in the snow and went backpacking for a couple of days, celebrating our second wedding anniversary in the process.

This month I’ve added eighteen black and white pictures, and just after day fifty began to get a bit disillusioned with the whole project. There are two pictures showing just my hand, one picture of me holding a baby (I think that’s a first for my 365 days projects). There’s a mirror shot (one of two pictures taken in the car), the cats only manage to sneak into one picture, which is surprising, and we managed to get nauseating in Walmart on Saint Valentine’s day. Somehow I managed to fit in five hiking / backpacking related pictures,

1. Snow day, 2. There’s an icicle in my beard, 3. One door opens as another closes, 4. At the Antique Mall, 5. Gary and Ginger on a snowy Sac River Trail, 6. After the Super Bowl, 7. Sometimes one pair of glasses just isn’t enough., 8. Happy Gary enjoying a blog-day, 9. A beer and a movie, 10. Thursday studies, 11. Morning rituals, 12. A brief visit to the workshop, 13. Gary and Ginger at the Church’s Annual Meeting, 14. Gary and Ginger being nauseating in Walmart on Saint Valentine’s Day, 15. Last thing on a Tuesday night, 16. Burning incense, 17. Afternoon school run, 18. Packing my backpack, 19. Wedding anniversary backpacking at Devils Backbone Wilderness, 20. Morning coffee in Mary Hollow – Devils Backbone Wilderness, 21. Wedding anniversary backpacking at Devils Backbone Wilderness, 22. High School parking lot, 23. Life can be like that, 24. Thursday, 25. Stacking the dishwasher, 26. Last thing, 27. Checking the weather, 28. A final check before closing my machine for the day