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Family hike (365:093)

Family hike at Busiek state Forest and wildlife area

Today I tried to learn from yesterday’s failure to make the most of the photo opportunities.

After church we took all the kids hiking at Busiek, which meant having a bouncy twelve year old, a reluctant teenager, and an out and out surly teenager along with us.

I ought to point out that the surly one, Alek, isn’t usually the stereotypical surly teenager, but today he made up for it, sighing and moaning whenever the opportunity arose. It probably didn’t help that my response to his statement “you said I didn’t have to do this outside stuff with you again.” was “We lied.” Though it was very effective at cutting off any argument.

Ginger picked the silver trail for our hike. This is a technically demanding three mile route that even we find quite tough going at times; so Alek, Katie and Lanie should be commended for getting around it despite the grumbling. Especially as the temperatures unexpectedly rocketed up into the low nineties.

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