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EFM Retreat (365:127)

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This week’s EFM class was held on a Saturday

so we got out of the classroom and spent the day in a cabin by the river. It was very nice to sit in the screened porch going through the lessons and exercises; a day of good company, conversation, discussions, food, and coffee. I have really enjoyed this class throughout the year. It’s been challenging, hard work, engaging, highly informative, and we’ve also had some great fun. Thursday nights have become a great anchor point for my week. Unfortunately, we’ve only two more sessions before we break for the summer. I’ll miss the class, my classmates and mentors.

During our mid-morning break I noticed something move out of the corner of my eye and heard a small knock on the front door. On investigating further I discovered a small bird had flown into the door and was laying stunned on the mat. Checking the bird books at home, we found it was a migrant – a Male Wilson’s Warbler. After about twenty minutes it recovered and flew off.Before we finished for the day I explained about my 365 Days project and asked if anyone was willing to be in my daily picture. Everyone was, and this is the result. Thanks Guys!

To get the best out of this picture I would have needed to use a diffuse fill-in flash. I didn’t have the flash gun and diffuser with me (the weight of EFM books was quite enough), so I had to settle for an over exposed background. Had I been thinking I’d have taken a separate background shot with no one in it and merged the two – there’s hindsight for you.


While I was out being educated Lanie spent the day working the parking lot at Arts Fest with the Youth Group and Katie went with Ginger and they enjoyed some time out in the Kayaks on Lake Springfield. However, the home highlight of the day had to be Ginger, Katie and Lanie shaving Blue Kitty to give her a lion cut. When Blue Kitty eventually comes out of hiding I might try and get a picture.   

Today’s extra

Male Wilson's Warbler
Male Wilson’s Warbler

Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.