Apr 25, 2011Easter Eggs (365:115)

Easter Eggs (365:115)

Hard-boiled and painted Easter Eggs

Saturday and Sunday Lanie made coloured Easter Eggs.

I was going to take a picture of them yesterday, but that would have involved moving the van out of the garage which doubles as my workshop and a sort of studio when needed.

It’s been raining almost non-stop for two days, we’ve had over five inches of rain and Ginger’s parents have had over ten inches. I was alerted to the backyard flooding by the sound of water pouring into the crawlspace under the house. By that time it was several inches deep, and while I did the school run Ginger sorted out the pump. On getting home I donned my waterproofs and cut a short channel down the side of the house by the back gate which let some of the water out, we’ll have to see how it goes.

I spent most of the day working at the computer; the church website is up to date, and I’ve cleared a couple of other items off of my to do list. None of which was worthy of a picture. I was tempted to get out my kayak and set it in the backyard for today’s picture. However, (1) it was quite dark outside (2) I’ve already broken a camera by getting water in it, and I didn’t fancy going through that again, and (3) that would not have been a documentary picture. So instead I set up a backcloth on my work bench, enlisted Lanie’s help to arrange her eggs and hold the diffuser while I took a picture of the ‘Camo egg’ she made for me.

I’m not too happy with the lighting on this shot, I’ll have to work out what’s wrong. I suspect I’ve used too much diffused light, even though I tried putting some direct light in from the left to bring up some shadows.

Today’s extras

Lanie's Easter Eggs
Lanie’s Easter Eggs
The backyard slips silently beneath the waves
The backyard slips silently beneath the waves

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