Chatting with Ginger (365:240)

Chatting with Ginger (365:240). Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

We had a plan, but it didn’t work out.

Tomorrow at 8am I have an appointment to have my biometrics taken to extend my US visa by 10 years.

Originally Ginger and I had planned to spend the night in St. Louis and leave the grandparents in charge of the kids. It all unraveled starting with Ginger’s mother being ill. That was okay (well not, but you know what I mean), her dad could still come down. Then our friend’s aunt died, and she needed cat tending duties while they were away. So we re-planned, I’d spend the night at St Louis, and Ginger would stay behind to look after cats and kids.

So there I was in the hotel in St Louis and suddenly I found myself transported back 3 years, using Chat to keep in touch with Ginger. It wasn’t good to be apart, but it was very good to find out we could switch back to our old modes of communication.

Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.