Oct 06, 2011Chatting with Ginger on the telephone (365:279)

Chatting with Ginger on the telephone (365:279)

This time we’re only 600 miles apart, not 5,000.

Taken as a whole, today wasn’t behaving at its best. I started out working on my studying for class tonight in the hope that I’d be able to go, but because I messed up the childcare arrangements, I didn’t. I didn’t get to go to the Thursday evening service either. These both provide an anchor and quiet time for the week, so without them, I’m feeling a bit edgy. This week’s coursework was short (I am enjoying the lesser amount of work in year two – year one is two years studying compressed into one), so I was soon working on ‘other stuff’.

Back in 2008, when we were 5,000 miles apart. Thanks to JKS for reminding me of this picture.

‘Other stuff’ today consisted mainly of endless reading and web searching for a replacement computer. For some reason I’m not cognizant of, graphics adapter manufacturers no longer think it necessary to set out their specifications in terms of colour depth and image size. Making it difficult to determine if an adapter is suitable or not. Especially as I want something that’ll drive up to 2560 x 1600 pixels and operate in the AbobeRGB colour space; I have my eyes on a high gamut 30″ monitor, and it’ll be a waste of money if the graphics card can’t drive it. At one point in the process I even found myself missing my old Portsmouth based computer supplier – Novatech. The nett result of my inconclusive and many hours’ search was only to add to my disgruntlement. Though I now know more about the latest Intel processor range, graphics adapters, memory and mother boards than I have ever felt the need to previously, and I’m not interested in retaining the information any longer than I have to.

Today’s picture is a facsimile of me and Ginger chatting on the ‘phone. Ginger and Rebbie apparently spent the evening drinking with some Eastern Europeans who as a group could only communicate via a combination of Lithuanian, Russian and Polish – that’s if I understood her correctly. Just as well I wasn’t there as it appears English wasn’t on the menu of languages being spoken. Parlez vous Francais anyone?

It sounds like great fun was had even when the conversation was straying into the metaphysical – how that worked given the language issues I have no idea, though Ginger did say that the more she had to drink the better her Polish got. Yes, well, I’m sure… 😉

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    1. Yes they were, though when I spoke to Ginger this morning, she wasn’t feeling too chipper 🙂 I’m allowed to smile, it was, after all self inflicted.


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