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Bull Shoals Lake – Normal Pool Elevation 654′ (365:146)

Bull Shoals Lake – Normal Pool Elevation 654′ (365:146). Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

Currently the elevation is 696′. That’s a foot over its fully flooded design capacity.

The weather and its impact here in the midwest continue to amaze me. With all the rain we’ve had recently the lakes are full to overflowing. All this run-off will flood people locally and later on just add to the misery of the people already flooded all the way down the Mississippi.

I’ve sat and thought for a couple of minutes, I’ve no idea what I did most of yesterday. I think I was just clearing minor ‘to-dos’.

One thing I did do yesterday was read this blog post about the Joplin tornado. There have been lots of pictures showing how bad the devastation was, but the words of this ER doctor who was in the hospital when the tornado hit really brings home the carnage that can take place in just 45 seconds.

In the meantime, life carries on. We were planning on leaving Getzger and Alek in charge of the house this weekend, sending Lanie to the grandparents, and going backpacking with Katie. At her request, I should add. I thought this sounded like too much of a good thing, and sure enough this afternoon she came up with a plan to stay with a friend. Suits us; it means we can hike a longer trail, and not worry about the weather either. So we’ll probably be off to Hercules Glades.

Today’s picture shows the road leading to one of the possible trailheads for our weekend backpacking adventure. The only problem is that with all the rain we’ve had this year, despite all the floodgates being open, the lake is a foot over its designed capacity. That’s forty-one (41) feet deeper than normal, and it means the access road to the trailhead will be submerged. Fortunately, there are another couple of trailheads that aren’t affected by the lake. I’m glad we checked.

Ginger wants to visit Theodosia at some point this weekend, just to see the bridge as the lake is almost up to the bridge deck.

Finding water is normally a problem at Hercules Glades but with all the rain there should be plenty of seeps and standing water. It may even prove too difficult to cross Long Creek. we’ll see.   

Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.