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At the end of the evening (365:170)

At the end of the evening (365:170)

UK June 2011 – Day 5. A late night family picture of the stragglers.

We were up fairly early to go to church – I wanted Ginger to see what has become the family church – St Margaret’s. I say family church because I and both my kids were Christened there, my parents funerals were held there as was my first wedding and come to that my brother got married there too. We picked a good day as it was the church’s feast of dedication and the Bishop of Portsmouth was visiting too. We were made to feel very welcome. I saw someone I knew and was introduced to a former neighbour who was under the impression I’d emigrated to Canada.

My brother graciously agreed to host a family get together, notionally in honour of my birthday. What with going to church in the morning and then trying to buy stuff we managed to arrive late, which isn’t in the best of good manners. We had a great barbecue, lots of drinks and catching up.

In fact, we are having far too much fun catching up to take pictures, so it’s just a last thing in the evening picture, with the stragglers that didn’t have to be off home earlier. Note the Bass Pro tee shirt I’m wearing. I bought it (and brought it) just for this occasion.

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