Aug 13, 2010Pre-Dawn at Table Rock Lake

We were up late watching the Perseids meteor shower, which we did laying in the warm waters of Table Rock Lake.

The Perseids put on a reasonable but not startling show this year. I will say that it pays not to have too active an imagination if you are going to float in a lake in the dark.

After retiring to our tent, we learned that the lantern holders on wooden posts do not make good trash holders. Young Raccoons can climb them easily, and we were visited several times overnight by a family of three or more young raccoons and their mother.

While investigating the young raccoon that was sorting and throwing out our trash, while tenaciously hanging on to the pole, I came face to face with one of its siblings who was part way up a nearby tree. I’m not sure who was more surprised.

After all that excitement, I’m amazed that I was out of bed and down at the lakeside again before dawn with my camera and fishing gear.

A black and White version – because I can.

Note to self, bring a floating beer cooler if we do this again.

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