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Year: 2010

Photograph of Ginger and Gary Allman on the Coy Bald Trail

December 2010, and our very first backpacking trip.      Five-minute read, 21 pictures

Our First Wilderness Hike. If we were going to give backpacking a go we thought it might be an idea to visit a wilderness first and discover what we were letting ourselves in for.      Three-minute read, 12 pictures

Camped at Berry Bend – Truman Lake. 5 pictures

Gary and Ginger Allman enjoying a campfire at Berry Bend Campground in November 2010

Berry Bend Campfire – We cheated on the fire. We didn’t want to spend a lot of time and energy gathering and cutting wood, so we bought some logs for $4 and I split them.

Gary and Ginger Allman at Truman Lake, Missouri, wildlife and lake watching

Camping at Berry Bend – This weekend we tried out our backpacking gear.      Two-minute read. 3 pictures

“Oh Getzger!” That’s a fairly frequent exclamation here.

Ascend FS10 Kayak on the shore of Stockton Lake, Missouri

Kayaking and Fishing on Stockton Lake.      One-minute read, 4 pictures

Pre-Dawn at Table Rock Lake. We were up late watching the Perseids meteor shower, which we did by laying in the warm waters of Table Rock Lake. 2 pictures

Still Waters – Waiting for the dawn on Table Rock Lake.

Color photograph of Red Bluff on Huzzah Creek, Davisville, Missouri

Red Bluff on Huzzah Creek, Davisville, Missouri – With Mick heading back to the UK, we had a couple of days leisure time before we had to collect the girls at St Louis.

A fairly scrawny looking deer, but it didn’t appear to be at all put-out by us watching it for a while.

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