Feb 25, 2009Meet my old friend Penfold

Meet my old friend Penfold

Photograph of a Psion MX5
Psion MX5. Copyright © 2009 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

When I finished work in the UK I had to hand back my Windoze PDA, so I was left wondering what to do for portable notes and a diary.

I did some checking on the internet and found a guy who could not only fix my old PDA but make it better than new, with a more robust better-designed screen cable (I’ve already gone through two). Unfortunately, some problems with the repairs meant it wasn’t ready when I left the UK, so Robert brought it over for me.

I wasn’t all surprised when I turned it on after three years of not being used, and it worked fine, but what did catch me out was on inserting my old memory card it all sprang into life just as it when the screen cable last broke. I wasn’t quite prepared for that sudden rush of memories.

I’m now looking forward to becoming re-accustomed to some decent PDA software. I just hope it syncs with the latest version of Outlook.

Copyright © 2009 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.


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