Happy New Year

For some reason I thought New Year’s Eve was on Friday when actually it was on Thursday, so we had no arrangements made, and what with Ginger’s cold were not in a position to do anything anyway.

In the end I made a few calls and spoke to friends and family in the UK which was very nice, but also somewhat depressing. It’s something I’m still not adjusted to; trying to balance being very happy here, while at the same time missing my friends and family in the UK. At times I feel both torn and guilty. Guilty because I can’t be with my family and UK friends, guilty because I miss my friends and family and feel sad, but should be happy in my new life, and that results in my feeling torn between the two. Especially when I have so many new and kind friends and family here who have made me feel most welcome. I’m sure I’ll find a balance at some point, but I’m not there yet. It’ll probably be about the same time I stop trying to get into the passenger side of the car when I’m driving.

Looking back on the year there seems to be an interesting contradiction in my impression of it. On the one hand, I feel we’ve not achieved much, and then again we seem to have managed to cram in an awful lot and made major progress, some of which is in totally intangible areas.

After twelve months of being in each other’s company virtually 24 x 7 Ginger and I still enjoy being together and are virtually inseparable. We organized and held our wedding, and of course, had Robert and Neil stay a few days. We’ve dealt with major issues with the kids. Ginger’s father’s accident and illness. We had Keith and Jon and Jacqi and Rik’s visits. I slipped into a major depression after Keith left in July which only really lifted when I was on the mission trip to Mississippi in August. The trip was profoundly rewarding and affecting. Throughout the year I’ve struggled with making major adjustments in my lifestyle, going from working to being in semi-retirement, and at the same time dealing with the stress and feeling of hopelessness and confusion associated with changing country and culture. Ginger and I have turned our long-distance relationship into a working partnership, and Ginger and the kids have had to adjust to having another person in the house. Not just someone staying for a few days, but someone living with them permanently and exerting his influence upon how things are done and organized. Big changes and adjustments for all of us.

All in all, it’s been a good year. Here’s hoping for another.