Jan 01, 2009The first ‘another day’ of the year

The first ‘another day’ of the year

The first ‘another day’ of the year. Copyright © 2009 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

A new project for 2009?

I gave up on my second year of 365 days sometime in August last year; I still haven’t got round to posting all the outstanding pictures, and anyway taking self-portraits every day had become boring, all I was doing was dashing off any old picture just to get it over with. But I missed it too, so I’ve decided to try another project – a picture a day for a year. We’ll see how far I get.

The day started badly with me still overcome by vodka from the new year celebrations. Ginger’s family arrived early and it was only after a shower and some coffee that I became vaguely human.

Typically I missed my big photographic opportunity for the day, which was having lunch out with Ginger, Ginger’s parents, brother, and niece. I then spent the rest of the day vegetating on Flickr and Facebook until I was asked to ‘strip off’ (hence the robe) so that my posterior could be immortalized on Flickr. I guess I shouldn’t complain as Ginger’s picture made Explore.

Day two doesn’t bode any better either, as here I sit sorting pictures and uploading them when I should be out taking pictures or doing something constructive like building bookshelves. Ho hum.

Copyright © 2009 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.


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