US visa time-line

Right now the immigration dept is processing the I-129F, which merely evaluates if this is a valid case and if Ginger is truly a citizen. If they don’t need more information and things go smoothly, and this is processed at the current rate, we will get this approved approximately August 15 to September 1. This stage is referred to as the NOA-2. (We’ve already had the NOA-1.).

Assuming an August 15 approval, this is the timeline:

  • September 1, case received by the National Visa Center. They process it and send it to the Embassy in London.
  • September 15, case received by the Embassy in London.
  • September 20, Receive a package of forms to fill out and lists of documents to gather. Return them to the Embassy.
  • October 1, Receive information from the Embassy regarding the date for the medical exam (done in London) and date of the interview.
  • November 1, approximate date of the interview.
  • November 7, the approximate date I get the visa in my hand and am free to fly.