Year: 2008

Hair Cut – Playing with the settings on my webcam and I rather liked the results.

Gary Allman – Self Portrait – I was playing with my webcam, and I rather liked the results…

This picture appeared as the watermark on all the theatre tickets. I’ve no idea if they are still using it.

People lining up at a retail kiosk in Kings Cross Station

Kiosk – Kings Cross Station – UK.

Blue Sky reflected in the windows of a blue building framed by a blue sky

Blue – I spotted this picture while waiting for a train. I (correctly) judged I’d have just enough time to run over and get the picture before the train arrived.

k1 Visa – After a lot of debate, we are going to file for the K1 Visa. Essentially the immigration choices are … Two-minute read

Today I received the decree absolute. Four months after my first meeting with my solicitor. Now we can apply for my visa. All I need is the list of papers I need to take with me on my next visit.

St. Barnabas Church, Rose Road, Southampton.

Jubilee Church, Somers Road, Portsmouth UK

Long Haul (365:15) – We’re in this for the long haul …

Decree absolute: Unknown to me at the time, but on this day my Decree absolute was declared.

Back to Basics (365:14) – It was about time I took another nude.

Warm Welcome – So titled as I took this photograph along with the bunch of arriving home pictures. 3 pictures

Arrival – I’ve been taking too many clean and surgical shots… 11 pictures

A lot to consider (365:4)

Hi Honey, I’m Back (365:1) – After a month’s holiday from 365 days, I’ve decided to start a second year. 5 pictures

Canal Walk, Portsmouth UK – Originally part of the route of the Portsmouth and Arundel Canal, the railway line was built in the canal bed.

Across The Tracks – New buildings (offices and housing) opposite Sydenham Terrace.

Friday Night Wine and Curry – That’s a chicken Jalfrezi by the look of it. 5 pictures

Stairwell – Oceanographic Institute.

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