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Year: 2008

Now we’re officially engaged, that puts the seal on things, and today we posted the huge pile of papers that makes up my visa application. With current processing times we’re looking at my having my embassy interview sometime in November.

A blurred yellow taxi crosses a junction under 'the loop' on State Street, Chicago

State Street, Chicago. One of my all-time favorite pictures.

Okay I admit it, this isn’t a special picture in the photographic sense, but it isn’t every day you get engaged.

I was playing with my webcam, and I rather liked the results…

This picture appeared as the watermark on all the theatre tickets. I’ve no idea if they are still using it.

People lining up at a retail kiosk in Kings Cross Station
Blue Sky reflected in the windows of a blue building framed by a blue sky

I spotted this picture while waiting for a train. I (correctly) judged I’d have just enough time to run over and get the picture before the train arrived.

k1 Visa. After a lot of debate, we are going to file for the K1 Visa. Essentially the immigration choices are …

Today I received the decree absolute. Four months after my first meeting with my solicitor. Now we can apply for my visa. All I need is the list of papers I need to take with me on my next visit.

Long Haul (365:15) – We’re in this for the long haul … [1 picture]

Decree absolute: Unknown to me at the time, but on this day my Decree absolute was declared.

Back to Basics (365:14) – It was about time I took another nude. [1 picture]

Warm Welcome – So titled as I took this photograph along with the bunch of arriving home pictures. [3 pictures]

Arrival – I’ve been taking too many clean and surgical shots… [11 pictures]

A lot to consider (365:4) [1 picture]

Evening Rituals (365:3) – There are several certainties in my evenings, and they include sitting at the computer, cleaning my teeth, and talking on the ‘phone with my love. [3 pictures]

Hi Honey, I’m Back (365:1) – After a month’s holiday from 365 days, I’ve decided to start a second year. [5 pictures]

Stairwell – Oceanographic Institute [1 picture]

Today the decree nisi was issued. I didn’t receive a copy until the 12th.

Black and white image Burrell Main Building, Springfield Missouri

Burrell [1 picture]

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