May 2, 2008.A change of plans (365:091)

A change of plans (365:091)

A monochrome photograph of Gary Allman, May 2008
A Change of Plans (365:091). Copyright © 2008 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

It’s Friday night and I was looking forward to the long weekend.

I had big plans for finally tackling some serious messes I’ve been procrastinating about, then I received the call…My uncle was on his way down from Scotland to visit and had somehow (well, by not telling Elaine he was coming) managed to end up with nowhere to stay.

Fortunately, my flat has a sofa bed, so I could put him up – but it completely blew my plans for the break. Some quick calls and I conjured up some bedding (why would I need two duvets normally?) and hastily made arrangements to visit family over the next couple of days.

I got to spend some time talking to Ginger before Keith arrived at around ten-thirty, after which we went to the Goa for a meal.

In the process of sorting this out, I very nearly forgot my 365 Days picture, luckily I managed a few quick shots just before bed.

Copyright © 2008 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.


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