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Living happily ever after still means you have to clean house and do the dishes

Year: 2008

Swiss Navy Knife

The last lap (part two)

The last lap

Still lots to do and a couple I’ll pass on, thank you…

Gary’s last day working at the University of Southampton


Missouri Angel

Robert’s new flat

Gary By Nathan

US Visa Application Forms (K1)

Identity Crisis


My Little Car

Plans are afoot

Officiating at Graduation (365:167)

Graduation Preparations 2008 (365:166)

Butser Sunset

Fourteen months later – finished


Occupied (365:123)

Stretch (365:122)

Blanket Box (365:121)

The builders have finished …

Curry night – May 2008 (365:111)

Accident (366:097)

A change of plans (365:091)

FUTAB: Eeek! (366:084)

US visa time-line


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