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Year: 2008

Photograph of a Swiss Navy Knife

Swiss Navy Knife – Yesterday I was unable to enter a building because I was carrying this knife.

Stored – Today we finally got round to putting my empty suitcases away in the shed. A simple job with a profound meaning.

The last lap (part two) – Ginger, Katie and Lanie were at the airport to meet me when I arrived at Springfield. One-minute read

The last lap (Part One) – It is nine fifty-five pm in the UK and three fifty-five pm in Dallas. I got up at four am this morning to travel to Heathrow with Ian and Robert. Two-minute read, 2 pictures

Still lots to do and a couple I’ll pass on, thank you… This is one of those lists of things you should do / have done. One-minute read

Today was my last day at work. This is what I said to my friends and colleagues.

Missouri Angel – Oh how I chuckled when I found this place, it’s opposite the office block where I worked in 2000, in America Square. The fact that I discovered this bar on the day my American K1 Visa interview was held and approved at the American Embassy is quite auspicious.

Pictures of the Allman Family playing on a games console

Robert’s new flat – After a week’s delay, Friday night saw Robert borrowing my car to finally move out of the family home and into his own flat. one-minute read, 9 pictures

Gary By Nathan – Back in August I was asked if I would mind if one of my nudes was used for a drawing. Two-minute read

Proof of Posting
Proof of Posting

Today I completed all my visa application forms.

I made loads of copies and posted it all off. Now all I’m waiting for is the date for my US Embassy interview.

I’ve all the papers I need for the interview and more besides.

Because of the downturn in the UK housing market, we decided not to rely on the equity in my house and my pensions as a financial guarantee, but have instead used Ginger and her parents as co-sponsors. That means we don’t have to worry about the sale of the house going through in time for the wedding, or that someone at the Embassy is going to decide we can’t fund ourselves.

As it turned out, the embassy was quite happy to accept my house as collateral. The house sale didn’t finally go through until mid-2009, and with the drop in the market at nowhere near what it should have raised – but enough to fund us for several years.

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Identity Crisis – My mother’s Christian name is a little different, being a combination of two fairly common names into something a little more unusual. When Ginger was staying I told her the story of my mother’s name, producing my birth certificate with a flourish as proof I had to eat my words when I saw her name wasn’t spelled the way I thought it should be. I had to make an excuse about the story behind her name obviously being a family myth… Two-minute read

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