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Year: 2008

Photograph of a Swiss Navy Knife

Yesterday I was unable to enter a building because I was carrying this knife. I don’t have a problem with that, I’m just not used to having to go through security when entering a building.

Ginger, Katie and Lanie were at the airport to meet me when I arrived at Springfield.

It is nine fifty-five pm in the UK and three fifty-five pm in Dallas. I got up at four am this morning to travel to Heathrow with Ian and Robert, Robert came along to see me off. Now after eighteen hours I’m sitting in the Springfield bound ‘plane, at Dallas Fort Worth waiting for the last of the passengers to board.

This is one of those lists of things you should do / have done.

Today was my last day at work. This is what I said to my friends and colleagues.

Oh how I chuckled when I found this place, it’s opposite the office block where I worked in 2000, in America Square. The fact that I discovered this bar on the day my American K1 Visa interview was held and approved at the American Embassy is quite auspicious.

Pictures of the Allman Family playing on a games console

Robert has moved into his own place After a week’s delay, Friday night saw Robert borrowing my car to finally move out of the family home and into his own flat. Today Ian, Marcelle, and I got an invitation to visit. It is a super little place, completely refurbished, nicely finished and with everything he …

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Back in August I was asked if I would mind if one of my nudes was used for a drawing. Today I got an email and a link to the completed picture, and I was able to surprise Ginger with a link. So, Nathan, thanks for asking, and thank you for an excellent drawing.

Today I completed all my visa application forms, made loads of copies, and posted it all off. Now all I’m waiting for is the date for my US Embassy interview. I’ve all the papers I need for the interview and more besides. Because of the down turn i the UK housing market, we decided not …

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My mother’s Christian name is a little different, being a combination of two fairly common names into something a little more unusual. When Ginger was staying I told her the story of my mother’s name, producing my birth certificate with a flourish as proof I had to eat my words when I saw her name wasn’t spelled the way I thought it should be. I had to make an excuse about the story behind her name obviously being a family myth…

A typical example…
…of why everything takes so damned long.

I have to give three months’ notice at work. So linking the end of my employment to having my US Visa is a nightmare. Despite all the warnings on the Visa paperwork not to do anything rash before one’s Visa is approved, I don’t have much choice but to second guess when the Visa will …

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Some observations on my little car

With the possibility of the Visa being approved any day more and more likely we’ve been turning our thoughts to fixing a few dates. Leave the UK. Planned now for Friday November 28 (Black Friday). It means I’ll miss Thanksgiving, but I will get a whole extra month’s pay. This should sync okay with the …

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Picture of Gary Allman getting ready for graduations in 2008.

Officiating at Graduation (365:167). [2 pictures]

Picture of Gary Allman getting ready for graduations in 2008.

Graduation Preparations 2008 (365:166) [2 pictures]

A view of the sunset from Butser Hill in Southern Hampshire, UK

A view of the sunset from Butser Hill in Southern Hampshire, UK.

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since the night in March 2007 when I started thinking about finishing off the work on the house. I had no idea that in a couple of months my life was going to fundamentally change.

The Excellent lighting comes from a single roof-light. Very sixties construction, though I think it may have been built a lot later.

Occupied (365:123) – Another blanket box picture [1 picture]

Stretch (365:122) – It is about time the blanket box made a re-appearance. [1 picture]

Blanket Box (365:121) – It is about time the blanket box made a re-appearance. [4 pictures]

Well almost. Today was a run through putting stuff on the snag list. We ended up with about 30 items. So another day or so ought to see it done.

Curry night – May 2008 (365:111) – We’ve all worked together at some time or other and we’ve been getting together on a monthly basis for longer than I care to recall. [1 picture]

Accident (366:097) – It took me one and a half hours to get home tonight because of an accident. [2 pictures]

A monochrome photograph of Gary Allman, May 2008

A change of plans (365:091) – It’s Friday night and I was looking forward to the long weekend… [4 pictures]

FUTAB: Eeek! (366:084). The things you’ll think of when you are desperate to do something different for your daily self portrait. [2 pictures]

Right now the immigration dept is processing the I-129F, which merely evaluates if this is a valid case and if Ginger is truly a citizen. If they don’t need more information and things go smoothly, and this is processed at the current rate, we will get this approved approximately August 15 to September 1. This …

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