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Sneeze (365: 33)

Copyright © 2007 Gary Allman, all rights reserved

In the last few days I’ve been coming down with a cold, and taking these self portraits has become a bit of a pain. This picture is awful, the alternate is slightly better, but this one sums up how I feel.

Something odd seemed to be happening to my camera too. No matter what I did, the exposure went wrong – I’ve had to make manual adjustments to get things right. I guess if my brains were working I would have spotted that I’d changed the metering program. After three days of horrid pictures It slowly started to dawn on me. What is that funny little icon on the display? D’oh! D’oh! D’oh. Another line to my pre-photographing mantra, check all the camera settings – not just the ISO and f-stop. I’m taking a day’s leave tomorrow, a day at home will help me shake off this cold.

Copyright © 2007 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.