Year: 2007

Tempting (365: 94) – 365 days can do this to you…

inflatables on South Parade Pier Southsea, Hampshire UK.

Floating – Disconnected from the main buildings and the shore, the pier seemed to float in the mist.

And why not? (365: 93) – My planned 365 days picture was okay, but too mundane, so I took this.

The First Sign of Summer – – the flying fish come out of winter retirement. 2 pictures

Trapped (365:91) – No time today. Too busy working on the hall. (re-titled and re-edited). +1

Break (365: 90) – Work on renovating the hall has begun. Today we took down the ceilings on the middle and ground landings and my work room. we also took out the wall between the landing and my work room.

Just Me (365: 88)

Annual Returns, Accounts, and Invoicing – Oh My! (365: 85) 2 pictures

Bliss (365: 84) – Oh the benefits of a sheltered, south facing, garden when there is a cold wind blowing from the north.

Self Portrait of Gary Allman - March 2007

Thursdays (365: 82) – I recently wrote that I had yet to capture the ‘essence’ of myself. This, I think might be it.

Under orders; get used to it (365:77) – I have no idea what we are going to do. One-minute read, 4 pictures

Friday Night Wine & Movie (365: 76 ) – Sin City: Voted our film of the year 2005 and 2006 (Joint winner with Wallace and Grommit).

Black and White photograph of Gary Allman. March 2007

Safety in Numbers – Reprise – Not the picture I originally picked for this day’s 365. Nine years later and this is the one I prefer.

Safety in Numbers (365:55) 3 pictures

Portrait by Oil Lamp – With hindsight, I think this was my best picture of the day. Unfortunately, for my 365 Days picture, I picked something more attention-grabbing.

At Ease (365: 51) – I’ve run out of time. I couldn’t choose a picture so I’ll go with the first. That’s a big problem with self portraits. You end up taking a lot. One-minute read, 11 pictures

Too Much… (365:50) – I felt a bit rough when I got up this morning, and heaven knows why, but for some masochistic reason, I pointed a camera at myself


Drinking to(wards) Summer (365: 47).

How near, how far?

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