Year: 2007

I don’t remember how I found this, but ten years after I left Futuremedia it was good of Andy to mention me in his comment on this blog post. And the page is still there…

Drive-by Shot – I drive past this building most days, and I love the way the afternoon light catches it, but I have never had a reason to stop and try and photograph it. Today I wasn’t driving, and I had the camera out for some snaps out of the window. When I saw this, I took it at arm’s length, looking up through the windscreen, and I just turned the camera to make an angled shot. I could almost see the picture in my mind’s eye.

Calm Centre (365: 135) – Many years ago I visited this spot at a time when I needed to make an important decision. I also needed a place and memory to act as a calm reference point to carry with me and help in the years to come. Two-minute read, 2 pictures

A quick break (365: 118) – Chasing out for the electrics, I took a quick break for today’s picture.

Polling Day (365: 117) – Local council elections, and Gary does his civic duty.

South Parade Pier – Variations on a theme. +3

Support. +1

Moved in – With all the remaining untouched rooms in the house being decorated, I was not going to be able to keep an inside workshop, so I’ve moved my workbench and tools out into my first ever shed. Not only am I having to move my workbench, but all my store of DIY and hobby goodies, timber, cable, old electronics. So I have a second shed for stores. Packing all the stuff away I discover what I call ‘my favourite rope’. One-minute read, 4 pictures

An Englishman’s shed is his Castle (365: 113) – I’ve never had a shed before, but now I’ve got two. This one for a workshop and another for my spare timber, paint, empty boxes, and disused electronics that one day might come in useful etc. 2 pictures

Disappointing (365: 109) – Re-edited, so no longer straight out of camera. However, I think this is a much better picture.

Modesty (365:108) – My ‘artistic’ notion was to challenge the idea of modesty. Can a naked person be modest? One-minute read, +3

Saturday in the sun (365: 105) – Just for a change I thought I’d take a picture straight after coming home from the traditional Saturday morning shopping (more nice ties bought), and before enjoying an afternoon basking in the sun. One-minute read, 5 pictures

Looking for… (365: 103) – heaven knows, but I’ve not found it. I’d settle for a couple of photo ideas. 2 pictures

DERA Eastney, Portsmouth – Silhouette.

On the beach (365: 99) – I had to wade into the sea, to get one shot, so I thought I might as well take my 365 days self-portrait at the same time … One-minute read, 3 pictures

Langstone Harbour Entrance – This channel marker is looking pretty beat up. That’s probably because it’s close to the beach, and so a good target for stones, and quite likely either someone has run into it, or tried to tie up to it.

Uneven Keel – I didn’t check but it looks like this yacht is quite badly damaged – unless one of the keels has just sunk into the mud.

Firelight (365: 98) – It was 27°C (81°F) in the shade here today, so what better way to celebrate in the cooler evening than sitting by the fire with a glass of wine. 4 pictures

What a Difference a Beer Makes – Product Placement (365: 96) – Today Thursdays and the 365 days project conspired to really get me down.

I Don’t like Thursdays – By Thursday I’m so tired I’m just useless for anything, so Thursday’s tend to be the worst day of my week.

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