Year: 2007

Bi-centenary celebrations (365: 202) – 200 days deserves a bit of a song and a dance.

Graduation Week 2007 – I was not invited to my son’s graduation. I volunteered to help with Graduation at work. I thought it would distract me from thinking about my son’s graduation. It didn’t.

NIFOC (395: 192).

Pompey Sunset – One of the joys of my flat’s westward facing window is the sunset.

Another ironing shot (365: 190) – Simple plan. This way I got two things done at once. Not exactly an inspirational photograph though. Maybe I should have dispensed with my clothes. Okay, maybe not.

365: 187 Reject.

EEE Building – campus on my lunch break.

Fresh (365: 175) – And that’s all I have to say about that. 2 pictures

My new home. I signed the lease today. 44a St. David’s Road, Portsmouth. The top flat will be mine from July 5th. I’m looking forward to getting out of temporary bed & breakfast accommodation and into my own place. +4

Black and white picture of Gary Allman sitting in a car in Osbourne Road Southsea.

Stunned (365:171) – This is what it looks like when the financial rug is unexpectedly pulled out from under you. One-minute read, 5 pictures

Hormead Church of England Infant and Junior School – This was my school from age 4½ to 11. One-minute read, 5 pictures

Saint Nicholas’ Church, Great Hormead – My first visit to my childhood village in around 30 years. Three-minute read, 16 pictures

Hadham Hall School – I’ve not visited my senior school since I left in July 1972. One-minute read, 13 pictures

Martello Tower D – North of Jaywick.

Rock ‘n ripples – Seen on the beach near Martello Tower D, north of Jaywick.

Groyne – No need to say anything else…

Denouement (365: 161) – This morning I told Elaine I wanted a divorce. One-minute read

The view over Portsmouth from Portsdown hill, with the English channel, Solent and Isle of Wight in the background.

Mirror, Mirror (365: 141) – across the arcade and backed into an alcove for a better angle and something to lean against. I was just about to leave when I realised I was sandwiched between two mirrors. +2

I don’t remember how I found this, but ten years after I left Futuremedia it was good of Andy to mention me in his comment on this blog post. And the page is still there…

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