May 22, 2007Drive-by Shot

Drive-by Shot

Drive-by Shot. Copyright © 2007 Gary Allman, all rights reserved

I drive past this building most days, and I love the way the afternoon light catches it, but I have never had a reason to stop and try and photograph it. Today I wasn’t driving, and I had the camera out for some snaps out of the window. When I saw this, I took it at arm’s length, looking up through the windscreen, and I just turned the camera to make an angled shot. I could almost see the picture in my mind’s eye. I love it when something like this works. I couldn’t have set it up better in an hour.

There is just one tiny bit of windscreen I ought to PS out, but the purist in me says no.

Copyright © 2007 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.


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