Near Olga, State Highway Z – I was stopped twice while taking this picture. Once by some locals in a passing truck, and a few minutes later by the property’s owner. 2 pictures

Photograph of St. Jude's Southsea frame by the modern 'wave' sculpture in the Palmerstone Road pedestrian precinct.

St. Jude’s – Menaced – I find this sculpture rather threatening.

Saw this while stretching my legs this afternoon, the sun was just going down, tracking up the side of the building. I’m trying to get back into the habit of climbing the stairs of this building twice a day. It’ll do wonders for my legs but nowt for my tummy.

Sunset on the Zürich Building from Victoria Park, Portsmouth UK.

Reflected Glory – Sunset on the Zürich Building from Victoria Park, Portsmouth UK.

Color photograph of the sunset at South Parade Pier, Southsea, Portsmouth. England, Taken October 18 2017

Sunset – South Parade, Southsea UK – This was one of those moments that no matter how over-done sunset pictures are, it just had to be taken.

A panoramic view of a golden sunset showing a silhouette of South Parade Pier, the beach, sea and Isle of Wight. Southsea, UK

Panoramic Sunset – South Parade, Southsea UK – A spectacular sunset and South Parade Pier, Southsea. This is five handheld photographs stitched together.

Apart…(365:270) – for now. A collaborative picture with Ginger.

Watching (365:267).

A present for my love. DeWalt drill driver.

EEE (Yes, that is the official designation of this building…)

Hartley Library, University of Southampton.

Notes – Facilitation, dealing with problems, finding solutions, this is what I do.

Royal Mail Sorting Office / Post Office, Slindon Street, Portsmouth

Not very subtle architecture… But I did love the way the sky was reflected in the windows and glass.

Photograph of Gary Allman standing outside Blake lapthorn Tarlo Lyons Solicitors. Portsmouth UK. 2007

Solicitor – Today I had the first meeting about the divorce with my solicitor. There I was thinking I’d got some clarity in my life. In fact all I’ve done is stirred up all the muck and now I can’t see a thing.

Clone photograph of Gary Allman. September 2007.

Many hands mean no work gets done (365: 242) – I have important things to do, so how do I spend my time? Ignoring the important stuff in the vain hope it’ll go away while I play with my camera and Photoshop.

Ironed Out – Original caption: “Best part of three weeks away and I’m overrun by ironing.” One-minute read

Ashlyn & Nathaniel – I’d just returned from my first visit to Springfield, Missouri, and for reasons I can’t recall stopped off at my brother’s house on the way home. 3 pictures

Gary Allman, Ginger Davis Allman and Lanie alongside a Camo decorated Toyota Tundra Pick-up

Camo Covered Toyota Tundra pick-up – My first trip to the US and this camo covered Toyota Tundra pick-up at Bass Pro was an essential photo opportunity.

Gary and Ginger on our first family dinner out with the kids – We left Eureka Springs sometime after noon and headed back to Springfield. I can’t remember if we picked the kids up from the grandparents, or if they brought them into town for us. Whatever, we ended up taking the kids to Cicis for our first family dinner out in Springfield.

A black and white photograph of Gary and Ginger Allman on the the day they first met (August 11, 2007)

August 11, 2007, First Meeting – and just over a month after we realized we’d get married. Two-minute read, +1

Flickr meet (365: 217)

Bi-centenary celebrations (365: 202) – 200 days deserves a bit of a song and a dance.

Graduation Week 2007 – I was not invited to my son’s graduation. I volunteered to help with Graduation at work. I thought it would distract me from thinking about my son’s graduation. It didn’t.

NIFOC (395: 192).

Pompey Sunset – One of the joys of my flat’s westward facing window is the sunset.

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